Weekly Photo Challenge: Future Tense – It’s coming!

Its coming…  the winter beach will not look the same…DSC_1615  DSC_1598  DSC_1600  DSC_1601

So what is coming?

Pop-up beach restaurants!

The future is summer, the future is a restaurant strip right on the sand… the future is  becoming tangible and I intend to enjoy as much of it as I can DSC_1607   DSC_1612

The future restaurant strip, Sete Plages: DSC_1610

Check out other entries in this week’s phonography challenge.

All photos taken with my Sony Ericcson phone camera. Enjoy!


    1. It’s a great idea isn’t it? We laugh about how they probably wouldn’t allow this sort of thing in Australia, but they should! I’ve been past again since these pics and some of them are almost ready 🙂

  1. Love, love, love pop-up beach restaurants! We really enjoy going to these restaurants with our kids in the summer, usually for lunch. The atmosphere is so relaxed, the food is often quite good, and the kids can run out and play on the beach.

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