Weekly Photo Challenge: Sea

Sea. What kind of emotions does the sea or ocean make you feel?…. “Wooohoo”

Some visiting friends out on the water on a summer’s evening

This week I’ve taken a little break to Bordeaux and have started off in the wonderful B&B which is the home of My French Heaven. We have met the wonderful Stephane, who is looking after us very well. In the coming days I will see if he will let me into his kitchen to take some pictures… And there will be some great posts coming up.

In the meantime, I just need this rain to stop so I can get out and show you how gorgeous Saint Emilion is. I promise it won’t be long! 20130530-092825.jpg

DNA earrings

My prized DNA earrings – TC ordered these online as a surprise for me – just another little thing I love, because I’ll never get rid of the geek in me

Bonjour Paris!

I was in Paris in July and this where I stayed – along with what we ate for summer evening nibbles on the balcony. Mmmmm… only topped by our picnic on the Seine, oh and a few good restaurants.

Well I’m off to Paris again in the morning for a fun girls’ weekend – we have an exciting dinner booked on Saturday night which will be something QUITE different. Ooh I’m getting excited just thinking about it and I’ll be posting all about it next week!!

But first will be my wedding anniversary dinner with TC when I return on Monday night, in a wonderful local Languedoc restaurant – stay tuned for that post, closely followed by my weekend news!

Bon weekend everyone 🙂

Here’s to a deliciously hot chocolate aroma coming from my oven right now…
Oooohhh, this recipe from the fabulous StĂ©phane Gabart over at My French Heaven was easy, and most importantly delicious!! Moist, almost gooey, perfect on the outside…… Its now on my regular list.  Tres bon!

20121126-202251.jpg 20121126-212949.jpg 20121126-213323.jpg 20121126-220757.jpg