Like a bat…


For the uninitiated, its a thick, black spread made from yeast extract, tastes extremely salty, and is what the average Australian kid has at least once (if not very regularly) on toast for breakfast when growing up. Well many adults do too for that matter.

Oh, what’s like a bat? Sorry not the vegemite. Well, we’ve been out cycling yesterday and today, about 40km each day. Yesterday nice & gentle, taking it easy after the Christmas foodfest. Today much harder because it was windy. Oh and lets face it, I was enjoying a direct tailwind for once.

I often think of that Tom Cruise line, “I feel the need, the need for speed!” Yes, I have to admit I like the feeling of speed. At my age, given I’ve only been cycling for 4 years, and only on a proper road bike for less than 2 years, most of the time I get to feel that glorious feeling of real speed is when I get the chance to scream downhill. On that rare occasion that you get the perfect combination of steep hill, smooth road surface, lack of gusting cross-winds and lack of cars zooming scarily close. It’s really exhilarating and if you haven’t tried it, I recommend it to everyone! I did experience that a few weeks ago on my ride with TC and the French “boys” in town, which was a high point of that ride.

However, today I got to experience the next best thing, riding on a flat, smooth surface with some beautifully shaped bends and curves, with a strong wind directly behind my back. And no pedestrians. This is bliss. After our two days of gastro-indulgence (I will post about that soon), I think TC was feeling a bit more lethargic than me. Yesterday, I have to admit, it was nice to really take it easy and cruise along for once. Yes, I am one of those people who is always so competitive with myself that I can’t help pushing myself, you know – really pushing myself, on most rides. So after not riding for a few days, then the lovely cruisey ride yesterday, I have to admit I was feeling energetic. So much so that when I felt that wind on my back, I just pedalled faster and faster, put my head down and got in the zone. Before I knew it I was checking over my shoulder every 5 minutes to see where TC had got to!  cycling along beach 2

When he finally caught up, it was only to comment “Where’s the race? You’re like a bat out of hell!”  Ha, yes I felt good. And it’s not that often that I genuinely outstrip him for a whole 20km.

And I have to say the weather this week has been just lovely for riding. If we’ve had rain, it seems to have only been at night. We’ve had either full sun or a little cloud during the day. Very very nice.  Cycling along beach 1

So… returning from a ride like that, a hungry girl needs one thing: vegemite. I’ve managed to combine the best of both worlds by spreading my vegemite, along with a healthy serving of butter, on the fresh baguette I ran around the corner to get.


What’s that thing you just have to eat when you return from a ride, hungry when you’ve had a good workout? Vegemite baguette