We’re havin’ a heatwave…

For all readers and fellow bloggers in the northern hemisphere, I bring you a little light relief. Just something to remind you that your snow and ice storms will come to an end… summer will return, I guarantee it!

Some thoughts and images to warm you up today…

Here in Perth, Western Australia, we are having a heatwave. Just a short one, 3 days. Yesterday was pretty warm, today’s temp is forecast to be 44. Slightly cooler tomorrow.  weather forecast

I probably don’t need to explain that’s C, not F.

Morning coffee on the balcony is pleasant; I still have shade. The heat is dry, much more comfortable than humidity… My favourite spot for breakfast, morning coffee, an evening wine… and writing. 2014-01-11 10.14.34

I can hear the neighbours  already cooling off…

2014-01-11 10.21.58

Meanwhile, Saturday morning skydiving is popular, tourists enjoy an air-conditioned cruise up the river towards the Swan Valley wineries… and jetskis race each other on the water…    Skydivers1   2014-01-11 14.35.24  IMG_6177  IMG_6180

Meanwhile… the heat usually brings out some of the worst people. One minute Perth is lazing under a hot sun…  2014-01-11 10.49.12

and the next minute King Park is on fire.

Most of our summer fires are deliberately lit. People have lost their homes and died through the actions of lunatics such as this. I hope they are caught quickly. Thankfully this fire was all extinguished 2 hours later.

2014-01-11 12.22.17

The news helicopters get in close… IMG_6171

By now the beaches will be filling up. The afternoon sea breeze is not even in yet… the afternoon is getting hotter.

Au revoir mes amis, time for a swim myself! 🙂

Old Swan Brewery building. Perth, Western Australia

Happy new year from the land of black swans

Black Swans

Happy New Year!  I hope 2014 brings much joy and happiness to all.

At the moment, TC and I are enjoying summer life in Perth, Western Australia, where the native swans are indeed black. It occurred to me that readers who have never visited Australia may not know this, so I thought I’d share with you this information about black swans.

We have a little apartment overlooking the Swan River, so this features a lot in our daily lives. We also like to cycle along the banks of the river where we often see the lovely swans. The Swan River is also home to some other lovely creatures – dolphins. On the weekend we were treated to a great day out on the water thanks to our friends who had just taken delivery of their new boat (don’t you love friends like that!) when we saw some of them up close. Sometimes we can even spot them in the water from our balcony.

My friend Angela is a keen photographer and she has kindly agreed to share the pictures she snapped on that day. There is just something about dolphins that makes you smile and it’s always so exciting to see them up close in the water!

This year I plan to post a mix of our adventures in Australia and France, along with my attempts in the kitchen of course, so I hope you enjoy them… à bientôt!

perth sunset