Barcelona la Boqueria… For food’s sake

This week has been crazy for us, with a frind flying in from Australia on friday and a road trip to Barcelona this week to collect my parents who have also come for a visit.

We spent our first day exploring and took them all into this wonderful market.

Here is a selection of our images…  Enjoy!

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Why would I try to keep up with the boys?

Well today I kind of wish I hadn’t. Ok, only kind of.

I think I’m out of condition. Correction, right now I know it! Welllllll, that will teach me for having the brainwave I had after going to the market this morning. “Hey,” I said to TC…”there’s a cycling group that usually takes off on a ride from the square over there right after market – we’re going for a ride anyway, lets join in and meet new people!!” Yay for me, smart idea. Until now that every underused muscle in my poor wasted body is screaming at me.

Problem: I was the only girl.

Solution: I’d better work my arse off to keep up.

Well yay again, despite several hills (one of which was 4km long thankyou) I actually did. Although, 3 times they stopped to let me catch up (only after the big hills so I’m still calling it keeping up) they’d take off again not long after I got there, so not a lot of breathers for me. And in further news, I actually hit a few PBs today too – over the 71km ride my average speed was well above this year’s annual average… my downhill speed record is now 57.4kmh, and today I cracked 3000km YTD.  No wonder I’m stuffed, what was I thinking?! Tomorrow’s plan = relaxing bath + doing nothing at all!

Aside from that, we enjoyed this morning’s market, had a nice cafe while we stocked up on veges & fresh farm eggs and enjoyed the entertainment. Did you know that some French villages and towns provide entertainment on market days? Today’s treat was a “dixie stomp band”, complete with their bright christmas suits. Nice!!

Here’s the band – sorry I was a little too busy keeping up with the boys to take any pics on our ride…. BUT check out the Google streetview from near the top of that loooooooong hill 🙂

Oh and PS. The boys said I did well… “pour la femme”  

And just for fun… the TDF in July 2007 going up the SAME HILL!