Snapshots from Bordeaux 2: picnics en route

Cycled through Medoc countryside today and stopped for a picnic before catching the ferry from Lamarque to Blaye. Delicious dejeuner, followed by more gorgeous scenery… And the view from our amazing B&B tonight- stunning! 20130602-145842.jpg

20130602-192414.jpg 20130602-192441.jpg 20130602-192454.jpg 20130602-192512.jpg 20130602-192520.jpg


  1. wines, bread, cheese and all. Yums yums! (But Piggletino will avoid the ham… hehe).
    Glad I came by, your blog has lots of awesome photos of food and travels!

  2. Looks like the weather has improved greatly and you’re having a good time – I especially like the look of the pic-nic and the cold beer – notice a theme here?

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