In Bordeaux today…

This week I’ve taken a little break to Bordeaux and have started off in the wonderful B&B which is the home of My French Heaven. We have met the wonderful Stephane, who is looking after us very well. In the coming days I will see if he will let me into his kitchen to take some pictures… And there will be some great posts coming up.

In the meantime, I just need this rain to stop so I can get out and show you how gorgeous Saint Emilion is. I promise it won’t be long! 20130530-092825.jpg



  1. We don’t have a pool, which looks lovely by the way, but we do have sunshine, and lots of it! We even managed to eat outside on the patio – very civilized. Going for lunch on the beach today. Have a wonderful day!

    1. It’s actually the coldest spring in France for a long time.. Around 10c cooler temps than “usual”. I’m really over the fact that it has been “unusually cold” and wet ever since I arrived here! It’s getting ridiculous!

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