Sables Maison – or homemade shortbread, French style


As some of you may (or may not) have noticed, I’ve been a bit remiss in posting regularly lately. This month has been very busy as TC and I have met new people and have been out doing a lot of cycling – more posts on our two-wheeled activities to come, I promise. My mobile phone is also completely out of action at the moment which is seriously hampering the amount of pictures I’ve been able to take while out cycling. That will teach me for thinking that 3€ battery I bought online was good value!

One thing I did do while waiting for the spring weather to arrive was to put one of my Christmas presents to good use. I made savoury sage and walnut shortbread cookies from my “Sables Maison” cookbook.  IMG_3914

The main difference with these cookies than anything I’ve done before is the complete lack of sugar.Well actually, as you may have noticed, the MAIN difference was that the recipe was entirely in French – forcing me to practice (and thankfully I only needed to look up a few words).

Back to the sugar – I was a little puzzled at this as I have never made savoury shortbreads before, but I pressed on regardless. I shelled and chopped fresh walnuts, rubbed the butter into the flour and then mixed in all the other dry ingredients rosemary cookies 6

added the egg, worked the dough until smooth and then rolled it out between parchment sheets.IMG_3925

Next it was time to rest the dough in the fridge for an hour, before cutting out and pressing with my super cute Parisian cookie press rosemary cookies 4  IMG_3928

… and baking in the new oven. Since I’ve become something of an expert at overcooking (one might even say slightly burning) many baked things, this time I took the care to time the baking properly. I also kept the oven at a slightly lower temperature than the instructions indicated (only by 5C) because I know this oven is a little hot.  rosemary cookies 5

Once cooked and cooled, TC and I enjoyed them with tea…. rosemary cookies 2

The verdict? Hmm… TC seemed to really like them, but I did find them just a little bland due to the lack of sugar. The sage and walnut flavours worked very well together but for me there was definitely something lacking. As the book contains a selection of sweet and savoury recipes (sucrés et salés), I think the next one will have to be sweet!

Enjoy… rosemary cookies 7



    1. Thankyou… It was part of a boxed set (with the recipe book) at Christmas time, when they had lots of these gifty-type things in the local Carrefour. It has 3 different changeable pics of Paris buildings. I love it 🙂

  1. I have been wondering what you have been up to. Good to hear that you’ve been busy. That cookie press is absolutely adorable, I’m going to have to try and find one! I wonder if the flavour would improve if you added some cheese?

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