Feelin’ hot hot HOT…

TC and I did a lot of shopping in the fresh grocers yesterday and discovered these little chillies called Antillais.

Ooh lah lah…. these little babies sure pack a punch!!

Now we like our chilli, yes we do. We like it hot.  But these particular ones are not to be messed with. This is what they look like:  Piment Antillais 4

They are smallish, round to oval shaped and have that distinctive wrinkled, star effect coming out from the stem. Apparently they are a type of habanero chilli, related to the scotch bonnet, and are thought to have originated in China. The ones we found are a product of France, but we’re not sure exactly what part of France, or French territory.

This gives you an idea of their size:  Piment Antillais 3

So how hot, you would like to know?

I’ll give you some idea… last night TC made us a lovely dinner of crispy skin salmon with an Asian style salad and mildly spiced couscous. Absolutely delicious. Apologies for not photographing the plate, I was too busy scoffing mine while the salmon skin was still crispy!

Anyway, the Asian style salad was really tasty and delicious (recipe below). After testing a tiny piece of the chilli,  TC included these two slivers of chilli only in the entire salad for two people:  Piment Antillais 1

Those two tiny slivers were enough to give us a good chilli flavour without going overboard. If you like it really hot, I would suggest no more than double this. I don’t think most people would be able to handle that much either. In fact in my experience, the two slivers we had would have been too much for many people we know.

I gingerly tasted a tiny morsel from the end of one of these slivers – oh yes, hot!! It was peppery, but at the same time quite fruity and almost sweet.

So if you’re a bit like us, a bit sick of this winter that seems to be dragging on past it’s use-by date and would like something to heat up your day, have a go at this lovely, crunchy Asian salad.


TC’s Asian style salad

1/3 Chinese cabbage

2 radishes

1 medium/small carrot

40g capsicum

30g raw beetroot

2 spring onions

60g snow peas

chilli to taste, very finely diced


1tbsn soy sauce

1tsp nem sauce (Vietnamese spring roll dipping sauce)

Finely slice the cabbage, radish, carrot, capsicum, beetroot and spring onions. Add the snow peas and the finely diced chilli. Mix quickly to combine. Mix together the sauces & pour over salad, mixing again to combine everything.

Et voila! Bon appétit.

Ps, while I was looking up info about these chillies, I came across this funny video on youtube, which shows a young Frenchman biting into one of these… and how he handles the heat. My apologies if there is any French swearing – I couldn’t quite make out all the dialogue, but I could definitely identify with what he was going through!



  1. hahahahah This pepper is very spiceeeeee .My husband made pickles with them! with garlic fried in olive oil ,vinegar and olive oil . We ‘re not able to eat because this very spice hahahah ,

  2. Must try this salad. Very familiar with scotch bonnet. I LOVE spicy food but those could blow your head off!

  3. Goodness, peppers! I’ve never seen those ones before!

    We ended up growing some mystery peppers last year. They said they were jalapenos but there is no way in hell they were, they didn’t look like them either. One tiny piece and a glass of milk wasn’t enough to put the fire out in your mouth. Not only that, but they burned your hands!

    I love spicy, but that’s just… TOO HOT!

    1. Yes, there is a line between enjoying chilli and just plain being in pain! Its funny, as a kid I hated anything hot at all, even a hint of spiciness.. my tastes have changed so much as an adult its amazing!

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