For Rick Stein’s French Odyssy lovers…

Mystery port 1 Anjodi 3

Guess what I spied “wintering” it out in a tiny, quaint port in the south of France? Yes, the Anjodi, made famous by Rick Stein’s French Odyssy!! Anjodi 2

We were just innocently wandering around the port, hoping to catch a little bit of snow (it was forecast for today, then it wasn’t) because us Aussies are like that with snow… when lo and behold we spy this lovely cruising barge.

Oh my, I would love to spend a week or more cruising the canals & rivers at a leisurely pace in the summertime. Unfortunately, these beautiful barges are a little out of my price range, but it will be lovely for those who can manage it.

I wonder if they’d take on an extra (Aussie) cake-baker in the galley…. in the meantime, I’ve also spotted this little boat which actually has two people and a cat living on board! Now I have become good at downsizing in recent years, but this is just a little too far. Can you spot the cat? tiny boat 2

So who can tell me which quaint little port she may be hiding in?



      1. Cornwall! Some of the old railway hotels who are a bit like grand ladies in need of a new frock have played host to some amazing guests in bygone years – the one in Bradford had Noel Coward, Charlie Chaplin, Agatha Christie all as guests at one time or another

    1. Wouldn’t it? Well I’m determined to do my own version of that bliss this summer – maybe not cruising but at least cycling alongside the canals & rivers, under the shade of the beautiful trees that line them… eating, drinking… 😀

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