Pezenas – little pates and good restaurants


Le petit pâté de Pézenas – so what are these little bitesize morsels? Are they sweet, are they savoury?

Well both as a matter of fact.

These are a traditional food originating in the town of Pézenas in the south of France. Well that is, originating here after they were apparently brought over by Clive of India, who stayed in Pézenas in 1768.

They are described by Wikipedia as “little sweet, spiced mutton pies” and they are quite delicious. They have a kind of lemony-sweetness, but still that savoury mutton quality to them. We ate ours for an afternoon snack with coffee, but I think they would be better as an hors d’oeuvre or with a salad, as suggested there. For me they aren’t quite sweet enough as a dessert, but others may like them this way.

The town of Pézenas is one of those lovely little towns with an old centre where you can stroll and enjoy the gorgeous old buildings and little cobbled streets. They have a market in the middle of the old town every Saturday, and the town itself is quite lively during summer, with some very good restaurants.  Pezenas fountain

We had a very enjoyable meal last year in the restaurant L’Entre Pots, which literally translates to “between the pots” as their front door has two large pots at either side! I don’t remember a lot about the meal, other than I had a most delicious foie gras entree followed by some nice scallops… we went as a party of six to celebrate a friend’s birthday and we were very pleased with our choice.  L'entre pots -pezenas

L’Entre Pots

8 Avenue Louis Montagne, 34120 Pézenas, France

+33 4 67 90 00 00

Pézenas does get a bit quiet over winter, but I’m sure we’ll be back there a few times during the summer.


  1. I’ve not made it to L’Entre Pots yet but have heard great reports from friends. I always thought the name was a play on words, but thought more along entrepot (storehouse) or entre potes (between friends). goes to show how one misses the obvious 🙂

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