Moving into the medieval


Some friends of ours have just bought a B&B in Carcassonne and we offered to help them in their move. All well and good until we found out a few minor details. But first, Carcassonne is a fabulous, walled city on a hill which was first fortified by the Romans in around 100Bc. It is a wonderful tourist destination with lots of history to experience and in summer they have festivals which include some impressive music concerts. Last year we missed out on Alice Cooper playing here as we were out of the region.

So, back to our friends and the minor details we found out about the move:

  • Our friend had to work all day on the Friday before he could collect a van & start the move (this meant no start until 4pm)
  • The BnB is inside the medieval city walls
  • That meant moving vehicles weren’t allowed in until after 10pm
  • Their furniture had to be collected from 3 different locations. (yes, THREE – total round trips almost 300km).

Oh dear. It was a long night. This is the beautiful walled city with winding cobbled streets we are talking about: Cité_Médiévale_de_Carcassonne  SAMSUNG  SAMSUNG SAMSUNG 

and a view from the BnB itself:  SAMSUNG

With 5 extra people helping out, we collected 2 hire vans and all the furniture from the 3 locations, in several trips. We arrived to find that the previous owner had taken some furniture that should have been left (it was purchased in an agreement) and had alternatively left a whole lot of crap that should have been cleared out.

What the???

(for the uninitiated, “what the” is an Australian saying that sounds like “what THUH???” and must be uttered with incredulity, with the emphasis on the “thuh” and a slight lift in tone, indicative of a question).

Not nice, previous owner!

(Since writing this, I have read multiple reviews of the BnB whilst it was under the previous owner, lets just say she sounds like a less than rational individual).

Another minor detail we found out during the process was that the larger moving van didn’t actually fit in the narrow, cobbled streets of Carcassonne, so this necessitated meeting a smaller van in the carpark just outside the drawbridge and a transfer of loads between vans. Yes, this might have looked  just slightly dodgy at 4am when the last load-transfer between the two vans, parked back-to-back, took place. It was a dark and rainy night…. thank goodness there were no gendarmes around to wonder about such goings-on!

The first champagne was cracked at 2.30am, thank the lord (tongue in cheek, I’m not religious), the last bottle was cracked at 6am and we all hit the sack at 7am. What a long night.

Now they have the unenviable task of unpacking, sorting, cleaning (yes, the previous owner left the premises  uncleaned and with many things in not-quite working order – very disappointing to say the least) and preparing for their first guests. We wish them luck, and when they are up and running again I’ll post some links for you.

On a previous visit to Carcassonne, TC and I had fun with a little kitty who wanted her ears scratched…..  carcassonne cat  

… and with a bottle of wine that, despite the name, tasted good to us! Cheers from Carcassonne.



  1. What an interesting experience and ahh, a B&B inside those walls? Just looking at your pictures, I want to be immediately transposed there…

    1. I know, its an amazing spot! It is very touristy, but worth the crowds to see such an intact city. We are happy now that we have insider info on the best places to eat and drink too 😉

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