DNA earrings

DNA earrings

My prized DNA earrings – TC ordered these online as a surprise for me – just another little thing I love, because I’ll never get rid of the geek in me



    1. Aren’t they gorgeous? I love wearing them 🙂 I haven’t revealed a lot about myself but just on the quiet, I have more science in my background than I’ve let on, shhh, lol 🙂 I envy you applying for medicine – if I was younger I would seriously consider it :/

      1. Your secret is safe with me *secret squirrel* I’m going to have to find these earrings for myself, I love them that much! I wish I was embarking on this medicine journey 10 years earlier. Being mid-thirties and doing this now is a big gamble, especially since I will be leaving a well established career (that my heart does not so desire mind you). Let’s all hope it works out for the best in the end….

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