Beziers on a winter’s day

Beziers Cathedral rear This week we went into Beziers to collect our renewed visas. It was such a beautiful day, we took advantage of the sunshine, strolled around the cathedral enjoying the view, before settling in for a cozy lunch by the fire in Chez Toi Chez Moi.

I loved the way the brochettes were cooked over charcoal on the fire right next to our table. Heaven on a winters day!

We found Chez Toi Chez Moi to be very welcoming, warm and with delicious food. Our friends had the charcoal grilled brochettes (beef, and curried chicken respectively) while TC had the lamb shanks – falling off the bone tender and flavourful – and I had the slow braised pork cheeks a l’ancienne, also extremely tender and full of flavour. All of the meals came with a delicious potato mash and steamed vegetables. You can get a 2-course menu here for only 11€, an absolute bargain for lovely, tasty meals. Charcoal grilled lunch2  Charcoal grilled lunch

I am glad though that the streets are much safer in Beziers today than they were on the 22nd July, 1209 when the locals (Catholics and Cathars alike) were massacred in the town and in the churches… as this relief above one of the cathedral doors obviously depicts. Beziers Cathedral Doorway  Beziers Cathedral front  Bezier Hotel de Ville  Beziers view from cathedral

I am very sorry for the poor quality photos – we’ve been busy this week with our friends staying from Australia. Off to Barcelona for a couple of days tomorrow, so I’ll be back next week, hopefully with lots of good  pics & posts to catch up on. A bientot!


    1. Definitely a steal! And I can’t believe how tender the meat was. We’ve had some quite “hard to please” visitors lately and they even thought this meal was very good 🙂

    1. We have become very familiar with the sous-prefecture office in Beziers, between updating our car rego and renewing visas, we’ve been in there and taken a ticket to join the queue quite a few times. Not to mention the number of times we’ve been shopping at Decathlon…Omg we love the Lycra bargains in that shop!! 😀

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