1 year ago…


One year ago today TC and I boarded a plane in 35C heat, with two suitcases, one guitar and one-way tickets to a wintry Paris…

This week we collect our renewed visas for a 2nd year. We are so glad, even though the second year will be strictly “on a budget”, because there is no way we’ve seen enough, done enough or experienced enough to go back yet. We don’t speak enough French yet!

And since I didn’t start this blog until November, I’ve got a lot of posts to catch up on, and more adventures to come….


    1. We are actually living in the south, in the Languedoc region which we love. We’ve had several trips to Paris, probably totalling about a month there, but we love exploring the south. We definitely have plans for exploring more of the other regions too, and I have yet to post about a few that we’ve already done… I’d better get busy! 😀

    1. Oh thankyou Chooky (I hope you don’t mind my nickname for you :D) … and don’t worry, there is lots more to come, things I have lots of pics & stories of that I have to put into posts yet 🙂

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