Don’t eat that! Ooh, too late

Oops – we think we made a faux pas at Christmas!

We have a lovely dog across the road who regularly comes over for pats when we see her in the street. She is a lovely german sheperd and lives with her owner,  to whom we greet with “bonjour” whenever we see him.

In the spirit of Christmas we left a small gift on his doorstep on Christmas eve since he wasn’t home. It was just a little parcel of doggie treats, beautifully wrapped in xmas paper, tied with a bow and with a mini koala keyring attached for the neighbour. We wrote on the card “Pour le chien” along with our Christmas wishes to the neighbour. Obvious, right?  Right???

On Christmas night he came over and spoke a lot of very fast French to us. Eventually we got that he found a gift and wanted to know if it was from us (yes) then thanked us warmly for “les chocolats”.


Oh dear.

Our French failed us.  We managed to reply that he was welcome, it was nothing and please have a lovely Christmas… then we closed the door and looked at each other with horror – what have we done? He must think Australian chocolates taste pretty bad… like dog-food perhaps?!?  Doggie neighbour



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