Last meal? Man up…


OK so according to the people wanting to make a profit from all kinds of mass hysteria, we aren’t supposed to wake up tomorrow. So if this is our last meal, I say make it a good one.

We “manned-up” tonight and had a TC classic, osso bucco (adapted with what we personally like) and mashed potato.

But first – my homemade mayonnaise, with garlic added to become my very own home made aoli – there’s a first time for everything.

The reason I needed to make the aoli was for the mashed potatoes.  I wanted to see if we could make the mashed potatoes as divine as those at Delicatessen the other night. I say “we” because my contribution is the aoli, TC has obviously made the rest and don’t we all love men who love to cook? Man up your kitchen, I say!

I love to eat so that’s my other contribution – he knows his food is highly appreciated.

The recipe for the mayonnaise & aoli, which was quite successful,  comes from last week’s video made by the wonderful Stephane over at My French Heaven.   Thanks Stephane!

So on to the mashed potatoes…. oooh, have a look, turned out very tasty but I’m afraid still not quite up the restaurant level. Will have to repeat this experiment. Oh wait – if there is a tomorrow!

Ahhh. Well if that was my last meal I’m glad it was a good one. See you all tomorrow!



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