Anniversary dining with le chat du port

Marseillan Port2

Yesterday was our wedding anniversary so after I arrived home from my weekend in Paris, we had time to relax with a chilled glass of champagne, have a nice catch-up with our weekend news over some brie and baguette, and then head out for dinner to celebrate.

We had originally planned to go to a restaurant we’ve tried once and I’ve been waiting for an excuse to return to ever since, it was that good. Unfortunately they were closed being a winter Monday night, so instead we went down to the little port in Marseillan (pictured above) and dined in the Brasserie du Soleil.

It wasn’t our first visit, we have been to this restaurant a couple of times before, both on our own and with family and friends that were visiting and we haven’t been disappointed yet. It is a reliable restaurant offering decent food at good prices. We got a warm welcome and a lovely meal, drank more champagne and when we told them it was our anniversary, the staff gave us another glass each to help celebrate.

TC started with moules and oysters gratineed while I went for the foie gras with a fig conserve, salad and very tasty little bread triangles. Mmm, delicious.


We then both followed with a crispy skinned cabillaud with a fresh, lemony sauce served on a bed of rough mashed potatoes.  TC even managed to finish off with dessert, a large profiterole, icecream and cream concoction topped with warm chocolate sauce. It looked delicious, but there was no way I could squeeze one in. Maybe next time.

At least while TC was polishing off the profiterole, I got to play with the local port cat who is fond of visiting patrons in the restaurants. He helps me get my pussy cat “fix” while I am 17,000km away from my own little kitty cat. It looks like he’s already won the hearts of the staff around here too –  for a homeless moggie he looks very well cared for!


Overall this is a nice little restaurant so definitely worth a try if you are in the area. And if you do, keep en eye out for our little ginger friend!

Brasserie du Soleil, 34 Quai Antonin Gros  34340 Marseillan, France


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