’tis the season…


for jolly shortbread – and of couse, walnuts!

I saw an idea similar to this a few weeks ago, so today I tried it… santa swirl shortbread with the addition of fresh walnuts, because the most delicious, fresh walnuts are available at all the markets & in the shops now. I’m always thinking of ways to use walnuts, so this was a good opportunity.

Using a basic shortbread recipe, I divided the mixture into two bowls, added a few drops of red colouring to one batch, then carried on as normal. Once both doughs were ready, I rolled them each out into a rectangle of roughly the same size, laid one on top of the other and rolled them up. Then I rolled the log in the chopped walnuts, wrapped it in plastic wrap, and refrigerated it until I was ready to bake.

Then it was just a matter of unwrapping, slicing, and baking. I forgot my oven here runs a little hot, so I should have either reduced the temp or taken them out of the oven a few minutes earlier – they were only JUST cooked more than I would have liked, not by much so all was good. Next time I must also remember to place them further apart on the tray – I ended up with some weirdly shaped shortbread biscuits.

Enjoy!       IMG_2344



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