Is it winter yet?

YES! The frozen water says so!

I have tried to find information on any ‘official’ start date to winter but haven’t had much luck. So, taking matters into my own hands, I have decided that the line is drawn loosely by the temperature, and more specifically by when I see random frozen water on my travels.

Well that is today!

Went for a 40km ride, again enjoying the environs of the Etang de Thau and our path took us across the first bridge of the Canal du Midi. The first if you count the canal as starting at this end and ending at the other end. Anyway, as the path takes us under the bridge before going up & over, there is a puddle of water that has been there in the shadow of the bridge since the last rain a few day ago. Today it was covered with a thin layer of ice. I even got off my bike & poked it with a stick to check that my eyes weren’t deceiving me. Yep, ice on the surface. Despite the sunshine. I thought it felt cold in the house last night.

Welcome to winter!


Etang de Thau with a chilly breeze


View of the entrance to the Canal du Midi from the first bridge – Marseillan Plage

Ps, I will return to some cooking posts soon, I have decided in the meantime that I have enough winter ‘padding’ for now so am laying off the sweet things. More to come though.


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