Embarking on a chocolate gateau adventure tonight…

Here’s to a deliciously hot chocolate aroma coming from my oven right now…
Oooohhh, this recipe from the fabulous Stéphane Gabart over at My French Heaven was easy, and most importantly delicious!! Moist, almost gooey, perfect on the outside…… Its now on my regular list.  Tres bon!

20121126-202251.jpg 20121126-212949.jpg 20121126-213323.jpg 20121126-220757.jpg


  1. Oh I’m so glad it worked out! I love it when people actually try my recipes and tell me about it! I feel like I’m spreading love around:0) Thanks a lot for kind words too. It means a lot! Don’t forget to put ice cream on it next time. It’s even better:0)

    1. You’re welcome Stephane! It certainly is a little bit of love on my spoon right now 😀

      I was actually going to make my own vanilla icecream, but as I don’t have a churner it seemed like a lot of work for one day – I might try that tomorrow.

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